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Can you tell this set was built in the dvDepot Studio Rental?

On-Location vs. a dvDepot Studio Shoot

dvDepot brewery bar set design in the studio rental
Set designed and built bar at dvDepot

Did you know our dvDepot studio rentals are not only for Green Screen shoots, or to use black or white background or seamless paper for your standard interview shoots? Sure those are options however, we can also have your Set Designer come in and build out a set like the 2 bar examples above. Yes, these sets were both built within our dvDepot Studio walls, in one day, and changing to the next bar scene only took 4 hours. ,

upper class bar set built at dvDepot Studio Rentals
Set designed and built bar at dvDepot

As you can see for this History Channel show, "G.O.A.T with Peyton Manning," dvDepot studio was able to be their go-to studio rental when additional shooting was required, and they had no access to the

on-location bars they shot in.

Picture this

It's winter time, and all the bars you shot at in the past month have Holiday parties scheduled and are decorated for the season, which would not work for any additional shooting your show needs, so what do you do?

Call dvDepot to schedule your Studio Rental

dvDepot welcomes you to come in and scout our Studio. Bring your Art Director, DP, Showrunner, and anyone else that needs to see how much space we have and what we can do for you.

Start building the set

Once a date(s) for the build is booked, dvDepot will allow your Art Department to drop off supplies the day before so they don't need to waste time unloading the trucks and can get right to work the following day.

Shoot day at dvDepot Studio

Book your shoot dates in advance and work with our dvDepot staff. We will be happy to accommodate the hours you need to get the job done. We rotate our schedule so you have a stage manager there the entire time, from the start of your call time till the camera wraps and you strike the set.

Finished Product below, can you spot the dvDepot Studio bars?

They fit right in!

There are many reasons to use dvDepot Studio to host your next shoot but of the top 3 reasons that we heard from on-locations productions like this one are:

1. Audio Concerns: Since you are not in a controlled environment, how many wasted takes are you willing to deal with before the talent and crew get annoyed? We don't have these issues at dvDepot, as we have invested in our studio to make it as sound-proofed as possible. We can recommend Audio Techs that have shot within our studio walls to verify it.

2. Schedule Concerns: With the time concern of shooting at someone's active business, they don't have the flexibility that dvDepot does. We understand the long hours and getting the job done right. We work around your schedule, not the other way around.

3. Money Concerns: dvDepot respects your budget and therefore offers not only all the G&E gear included on the studio rental price but also a 30% discounted rate on all additional equipment rented for your studio shoot. How is that for saving you money vs having to rent the trucks, PA's on top of the gear for your on-location shoots?

Make dvDepot Studio your #1 choice

Please scroll through our website to look at more studio pictures, the equipment we carry, and the services we offer. We invite you to call us 212-333-5100 when you are weighing out the pros and cons of being on-location or using dvDepot, just remember we have been have been helping clients for the past 20 years!


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