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Canon Cine Servo Zoom
Canon Cine Primes (EF Mount)
Canon Cine Zoom.jpg
Canon L series dslr zooms (EF Mount)


Sony FE 4 / PZ 28-135 G OSS
FX9 Package pic.jpg
Canon L series dslr primes (EF Mount)
Sony E 4/PZ 18-110 G OSS
Sony 28-135 G OSS.jpg
Sony FE 2.8 / 70-200 GM OSS
Sony 70-200 GM OSS.jpg

Specialty Lenses

Venus Optics Laowa Macro Lens
(Both PL and EF Mount)
Venus Laowa Lens pic.jpg

If you're looking to change up your game, get yourself out of the box, and open up your creativity, this lens will do just that. 

The Edge 50 element is about giving you a slice of focus across your camera's sensor with a hard or soft edge depending on settings. I've been doing selective focus for years in post. With the Edge 50, you are now creating that cut of focus in the camera. It's great for video, too.

The Sweet 50 Optic enables you to illuminate the essential details at 50mm, creating wonder and feeling in your photos. Place the sweet spot of focus anywhere within the frame by tilting the lens to spotlight specifics in portraits and enhance everyday scenes.

Composer Pro Edge 50

Lensbaby Edge 50.jpg
Lensbaby Sweet 50.jpg

Composer Pro Sweet 50

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