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Apurture, Skypanel, Lite Panel, Litegear, Quasar and more below

AputureLight Aputure LS 600x Pro  

This Aputure LS 600x Pro Lamp Head is a powerful LED fixture with color and power options, as well as high output augmented by its included 55° Hyper Reflector or an optional Fresnel attachment. The precision fixture has an expansive variable color temperature range from 2700 to 6500K with a high CRI/TLCI rating of 96 - your assurance of precise color reproduction. Besides power, control is a driving force in the design of the 600x Pro. Adjustments can be made locally on the fixture or wirelessly from a distance via the included 2.4 GHz wireless remote, the Sidus Link mobile app, and the built-in wireless DMX control - useful for when your light is mounted overhead or in a hard to reach place. The LS 600x also has four dimming curves: Linear, Exponential, Log, and S-Curve, to ensure accuracy regardless of your chosen brightness level.

The light is ready for worldwide use via its multi-voltage power supply but can also be powered by a 48V battery or two 14.4V, 26V, or 28.8V batteries when AC power is unavailable. You can mount the batteries and recharge them while you are using the light.

The 600x Pro is dust and water resistant so it can withstand practically any shooting environment. When it comes to features Aputure has left no stone unturned with the inclusion of special effects such as Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, Explosion and Fire. Aputure has also generously provided a rolling case for storage and transport.

600x vmount.jpg

Aputure Light Storm LS600d Pro

The Aputure Light Storm LS600d Pro boasts all the beloved features of the rest of the LEDs in the Light Storm line but with some added benefits catered to pros specifically:


 Weather-resistant construction with waterproof fans, sealed internal structures, rubberized caps for all ports, and weatherproof connectors.

  •  Extremely bright, with up to 29,300 lux at 10' in 15° spot mode with the optional Aputure Fresnel 2X Attachment.

  •  Ultra-small 0.1% stepless dimming increments for incredibly detailed and smooth lighting transitions and effects.

  •  Supports ArtNet and LumenRadio wireless DMX – a first for Aputure.

  • Wide temperature control range of 5600±200K.

  •  Doubles as a backup charger for optional V-mount batteries when plugged into AC power – another first for Aputure.

  •  4 unique dimming curve options and built-in lighting effects, including Paparazzi, Fireworks, Strobe, Explosion, and more. Ultra-quiet fan to dissipate heat and move large volumes of air at only ≤ decibels at 3.28'.

  • Smaller light head size and lighter weight compared to prior models.

    The Aputure Light Storm LS600d Pro is a powerful LED solution for outdoor shooting – even in inclement weather. It is a great choice for any on-the-go creative project, including music videos, documentaries, fashion shoots, and more.

Aputure Light Storm C300d II

The Aputure Light Storm C300d II improves on the Aputure Light Storm C300d with 20% more brightness, better durability, and more control options. Here are some of the standout features of the C300d II:

Redesigned Control Box with Expanded Options

Using only 1 control box, you can power the Light Storm C300d II with either 2 optional V-mount batteries (rentable separately) or directly via AC wall power. The control box also features 8 built-in lighting special effects: paparazzi, fireworks, lightning, fault bulb, TV, pulsing, strobe, and explosion. You can activate these FX instantly with a new "trigger" button. There is a stepless dimming dial front and center with access to new dimming curves for DMX use: Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential, and S-Curve. Adding to these control box improvements is a new fanless build that makes it completely silent. Use the included quick release clamp to attach this box easily to any stand, truss, or rail. This is a much more streamlined setup from the prior model, which has 2 separate control boxes with more cable requirements. The C300d II is a more portable setup, with only 1 head and 1 control box to worry about.

New App to Control Your Light

The C300d sports all-new Bluetooth SIG mesh network technology, which allows centralized control from the new Sidus Link app and turns compatible lights into transceivers (legacy Aputure lights will be able to get on this network with an optional Module Link Bridge dongle). This rental comes with a dedicated 2.4 GHz wireless remote with an FX toggle button.

Advances in Output and Form

This light is up to 20x brighter than prior models. It maintains high CRI and color fidelity and comes with a newly designed 55° reflector to increase output by more than 3x. The lamp head overall is more robust with a yoke that allows for 360° rotation. The C300d II still uses a Bowens S-Type mount, giving you plenty of options for light modifiers.

The Aputure Light Storm C300d II LED Kit is ideal for broadcast video, photography, television production, and studio filmmaking.

Aputure Light Storm 120d II

Boasting 25% more brightness than its predecessor, DMX control, and a redesigned handbrake-locking yoke, the Light Storm LS C120D II Daylight LED Light from Aputure is a chip-on-board (COB) fixture with a 5500K color temperature. It consumes a negligible 180W of power while outputting 135,000 lux, equivalent to a 1000W hot light at a distance

Aputure 300 Fresnel.jpg
Apurture Storm LS600d Pro.jpg
Dome II.jpg
Apurture 300d II light.jpg
aputure_ls_300d_ii_kit pic.jpg
Dome II.jpg
120dII Apurture.jpg
Fresnel and barn doors for 120dII_edited.jpg
Litepanel Gemini RGB 1x1's

Stability, rugged construction, flexibility, and control are hallmarks of the Litepanels Gemini 1 x 1 RGBWW LED Soft Panel with Standard yoke and US Power Cord. The aluminum-constructed, 12.6 x 12.6 x 4.6" fixture has multiple lighting modes including CCT, Hue, Saturation, Gel Presets, as well as an effects mode. The CCT color temperature control has six factory presets in increments from 2700 to 10,000K. There are also six presets for user-defined color temperature and plus/minus green control. The HSI Color mode allows you to adjust the hue, saturation, and intensity, while Gel mode permits your choice from a library of filters favored by filmmakers, and an effects mode provides nine different effects to work with. The light has a CRI/TLCI rating of 97 for daylight balance and 94 for tungsten balance, indicating an accurate rendition of color. The Gemini is dimmable from 100 to 0.1% without flicker or color shift, and settings and features are displayed on the rear LCD screen.

Gemini Pic (2).jpg
litepanels_gemini_1_x_1 Front.jpg
Gemini Back.jpg
Quasar Crossfade Linear LED Lamps

With the Q-LED Crossfade, tune the lamp from our beautiful 2000° Kelvin Candle Light all the way through to our 6000° Kelvin Overcast Daylight. Whether lighting actors or lighting environments, the versatility is undeniable. Stack lamps into large arrays to form LED panels of tremendous size and proportion. Light backings with unprecedented energy efficiency. String overhead above diffusions for the perfect sky. Retrofit your Kino package to high output, dimmer compatible LED units.

Linear LED Lamp - Q-LED Lamps offer a low profile yet broad lighting source that is capable of providing everything from traditional 3 point subject lighting to architectural accents and general area lighting.

Renting in 4x4, 4x2, and 1x2 fixtures as well as single bulbs
ino Flo 4'x4' with Quasar Science Q-LED
2' Crossfade w/ Kupo Mount
Litepanels Astra 6X Bi-Color LED Panel
  • Variable Tungsten to Daylight Balance

  • 588 fc / 6330 lux @ 5.0' at 5600K

  • Dual Cooling Modes

  • Optional DMX Module, TIR Optics,

  • 100-240 VAC with Included AC Adapter

  • 13-24 VDC with Optional Battery

  • Optional Gold Mount and V-Mount Plates

  • High CRI: Daylight 95, Tungsten

litepanel Astra.jpg
Litepanels Back.jpg
skypanel s60.jpg
ARRI SkyPanel S60-C LED Softlight
  • Panel Surface Area: 25.4 x 11.8"

  • 115° Beam Spread, Rail Mount Adapter

  • Color Temperature from 2800-10,000K

  • Full Gamut Color Mixing

  • Hue and Saturation Control

  • Full Minus to Full Plusgreen

  • CRI: 95, TLCI: 90

  • 0-100% Dimming, DMX Control

  • Multi-Voltage AC, Optional Battery Power

LiteGear LiteMat 4 Plus LED Kit

The new S2 LiteMat is nearly 40% brighter than the original LiteMat, has better color quality, and a widely extended Kelvin range all without an increase in power draw. In addition, overall CRI increased to 95+ with a matching TLCI of more than 95 as well. With all of these tremendous advancements, S2 LiteMat remains compatible with all existing LiteDimmers, LitePower supplies, and cables.

litegear-litemat Back 4-led-hybrid-s2-co

LiteGear LiteMat 1 Plus LED Kit

Westcott Flex Bi-Color LED Mat 2-Light Cine Travel Kit (1 x 1')

  • 2 x Flex Bi-Color LED Mats (1 x 1')

  • 2 x 16' Dimmer Extension Cables

  • Scrim Jim Cine Framework for 2 Frames

  • 2 x Portable Softboxes

  • 2 x Universal Studs

  • 2 x Dual-Joint Tilter Brackets

  • 2 x Compact Light Stands

  • 2 x Cable Wraps

  • Pelican Wheeled Travel Case

westcott lighting package.jpg

• Arri 4 Light Kit

- Four Arri Lights

- Stands

- Gell Roll

- Scrims

- Barn Doors

- Spare Bulbs

- Rolling Case


• Arri 3 Light Kit

- Three Arri Lights

- Stands

- Gell Roll

- Scrims

- Barn Doors

- Spare Bulbs

- Rolling Case



 • Arrilite 2000 Openface

 • Arrilite 1000 Openface

 • Arri 1000W Fresnel

 • Arri 650W Fresnel

 • Arri 300W Fresnel

 • Arri 150W Fresnel



• Kino Flo 4×4Bank

• Kino Flo Diva Lite 400

• Kino Flo 12″ Car Kit

• Kino Flo Mini Flo 9″ Fluorescent System Kit



• Dedolight 4-DLH4 Light Kit


• Lowel Omni/Tota Three-Light Kit


• 1×1 LED Light Panel Kit


Litepanels Micro LED On-Camera Light


• Litepanels MicroPro LED On-Camera Light

We carry a wide variety of miscellaneous grip and electric equipment and are constantly adding to our inventory.

So if you don't see it listed, doesn't mean we don't have it.

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