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Check out the Demerbox

If you're in the industry, you know Pelican cases inside and out. But I bet you've never seen one like this.

Demerbox Speaker

We meet a lot of people in the dvDepot Studio, different shows have different crews. This time was no different, except that the audio tech, Lucas Lee, brought with him a Pelican Case that was unique from any we'd ever seen.

It had speakers!

According to the website, The DemerBox is acoustically tuned for incredible fidelity and punchy bass. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery will last up to 50 hours between charges. Its rugged, highly water resistant and made from a genuine Pelican Brand case.

Demerbox in use in the dvDepot Studio

The sound is really amazing, it's a rugged piece of equipment, and it looks pretty cool too.

When we saw it, we knew we wanted to talk about it, and it won't be long before one of these is making dvDepot rock!

It's a rugged, weatherproof speaker with dry internal storage and a usb power out to charge other devices. The Demerbox comes in a variety of colors and claims to be, "The world's toughest, best sounding, Bluetooth® speaker."

Check out the website, the guy who invented, James Demer, has an interesting story.

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