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Arri Ultra Prime Lenses

Ultra Prime 5 Lens Set

The ARRI Ultra Prime Lenses provide superior image quality in a compact, lightweight, rugged housing, with a maximum aperture of T1.9 and 95mm front diameter. PL-mounted and covering the Super-35 format, the Ultra Prime Lenses maintain a sharp and high contrast image, even at close focus

Kit includes 16, 24, 32, 50, and 85mm Focal Lengths

Key Features;

  •  Covers Super-35mm format,

  •   Maintains high contrast  

  •   Focus resolution even at close  

  •   T* XP multi-layer anti-reflex coating reduces flares and internal reflections

  •   Minimal chromatic aberration and breathing. 

Arri Ultra Prime 16mm Lens
Arri Ultra Prime 16mm Lens
Arri Ultra Prime 24mm Lens
Arri Ultra Prime 32mm Lens
Arri Ultra Prime 50mm Lens
Arri Ultra Prime 85mm Lens
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