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Arri Alexa 35 Now Available at dvDepot

It's time this Woman owned company dvDepot steps it up to play with the big boys!

I am one of the first few rental houses that has received my delivery of the newly anticipated Alexa 35 camera package. I have a few to rent out and you can be the first!

Click below to find out what comes in the fully loaded camera package with media and batteries. Plus you can add on any other accessories you need like an Arri WCU-4, a SmallHD UltraBright 7" 703 onboard monitor and a Tilta matte box with filters to name a few. Just let us know what you need and what lenses you want to round it all off!

Support my company as I approach my 20th year in providing excellent service as well as great pricing to fit your needs!


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