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Kino Flo Mini Flo Fluorescent System Kit rental nyc

Kino Flo Mini Flo 9″ Fluorescent System Kit

The Kino Flo Mini Flo 9" Fluorescent System Kit is perfect for lighting small areas, such as car interiors. It may also be used as a "chin" light for a speaker at a podium, or news anchor in a TV studio. When fitted with an F6/T5 fluorescent tube (available separately), each fixture of this 2 light kit will provide 10.5 footcandles from a distance of 3 feet.

Each multi-voltage ballast is dimmable from 100 - 15% of full power. The kit includes 2- 12 volt DC, 3.4 Amp power supplies. Connection is also available to a car's battery via the alligator clip to XLR cable.

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212.333.5100 |

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