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Sony PMW-F5 CineAlta Digital Cinema Camera with 4K Upgrade

The F5 CineAlta Camera features an 8.9MP Super35-sized sensor with 14 stops of dynamic range and records 4K, 2K, and HD video. It comes with the 4K upgrade installed and that enables XAVC 4K/QFHd recording and playback, 4K SDI and HDMI output, and simultaneous recording of XAVC 4K/QFHD and MPEG HD. The DVF-L350 LCD Viewfinder features a 960 x 540 resolution and a flip-up eyecup with an adjustable diopter. The included shoulder mount allows you to comfortably hand-hold the F5 Camera for documentary style shooting. It features a low profile to maintain a low center of gravity and a sliding balance mechanism for adjusting the camera's balance front to back.

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Highly Modular Design

In addition to the AXS-R5 recorder, a digital interface on the F5 allows for a variety of optional viewfinders. DVF-EL100 is a 0.7" OLED viewfinder with 1280 x 720 resolution. DVF-L350 is a 3.5" LCD viewfinder with 960 x 540 resolution, and the eyepiece flips up for direct monitoring. DVF-L700 is a 7" LCD viewfinder with 1920 x 1080 resolution for monitoring Full HD pixel-for-pixel. Other modular components include the optional Sony shoulder rig, which features industry-standard rosettes on both sides for quick and easy attachment of third-party hand grips and other accessories.

Optional AXS-R5 "Bolt-on" Recorder

The optional AXS-R5 recorder is designed to dock on the rear of the PMW-F5 and enables 4K and 2K resolution video recording in 16-bit RAW. The AXS-R5 also facilitates high speed frame rates of up to 120 fps in 2K RAW and simultaneous RAW + on-board SxS recording. The recorder uses Sony's newly developed AXSM memory cards, which are compatible with an optional USB 3.0 reader (AXS-CR1). RAW files can be screened using Sony's free RAW Viewer software. (AXS-R5 is sold separately.)

Native FZ-Mount and PL-Mount Adapter

The F5 is designed to accommodate a wide range of lenses. With the PL-mount adaptor, you can take advantage of acclaimed cine optics from Angénieux, Canon, Carl Zeiss, Cooke, FUJIFILM, Leica and more. Slip off the supplied PL-mount adaptor to reveal the native FZ-mount with an 18mm flange focal distance. The FZ-mount provides an interface for native FZ lenses like Sony's SCL-Z18X140 auto focus servo zoom lens or a range of adaptors for still lenses, including Canon EF, Canon FD, Nikon F, Leica M and more.

Dynamic Range Rated at 14 Stops

The ability to render a range of exposure values from deepest shadows to brightest highlights is a crucial test of any digital camera. The F5 is capable of an impressive 14 stops of exposure latitude, low-light sensitivity and low noise in the blacks. The digital sensor's dynamic range approaches that of traditional motion picture film.

Long-life Olivine Battery and Quick Charger

The F5 supports Sony's BP-FL75 battery pack, which uses Olivine Lithium Iron Phosphate instead of conventional Lithium Ion cathodes. The result is a substantial increase in charge-discharge cycles, compared to previous Sony batteries. The Olivine battery works with Sony's BC-L90 quick charger. The camera is also compatible with Sony's BP-GL95A, GL65A, L80S and L60S batteries, which use the BC-L70 and L160 chargers.

Intuitive One-touch Interface

Designed with significant input from cinematographers, the F5 features an intuitive interface for a range of controls. Instead of diving through menus, you get direct, one-touch access to key shooting parameters including frame rate, shutter speed, color temperature, ISO sensitivity and gamma. Assignable buttons mean that your favorite adjustments are always at your fingertips.

Wide Choice of Connections

The F5 offers numerous connections to suit your workflow, including four HD-SDI jacks, HDMI, USB, DC in connection, a removable XLR audio module and a removable time code/genlock module. The XLR inputs accept balanced analogue signals, provide 48-Volt phantom power and will accept four channels of AES/EBU digital audio with an expected firmware upgrade.

Additional Features

  • 2K RAW/HD simultaneous REC

  • User Gamma

  • HFR Full Scan Mode no Windowing

  • Rotary Dial enabled for audio level adjustment on sub display

  • Fujinon Cabrio lens support, IRIS control from RM controller and REC trigger on lens

  • Simultaneous output from SDI (four outputs total)

  • Waveform and Histogram support

  • SxS REC review

  • Support for mount adapter LA-FZB1/FZB2

  • User Monitor LUT created by RAW Viewer

  • AXS REC Review via SDI output

  • HFR Center Scan mode

  • Center Scan mode for S16mm lens

  • Interval recording

  • AES/EBU audio input

  • Preset Sony Look profile

  • User definable clip naming

  • Embedded Clip name meta on SDI Output

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