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Sachtler Video 14 Tripod System

The Sachtler VIDEO 14 Tripod is an aluminum tripod that, like all the tripods from this well-known brand, has a strong construction that makes it a durable piece of professional equipment. This Sachtler Tripod is a model that weights 4.6 lb (2.1 Kg) and is able to support a load of up to 33 lb (15 Kg). The Sachtler VIDEO 14 Tripod has a touch-and -go camera plate with .25-inch and .38-inch screws and a flat base fitting so it can fit any camcorder compatible with such specifications. This Sachtler Tripod has a counterbalance system to assist in keeping the camcorder balanced even in a tilted position. The pan bars of this aluminum tripod have a ribbed rosette pattern with a diameter of 1.2 inches (3.0 cm). The tilt range of this Sachtler Tripod goes from plus 60 degrees to minus 60 degrees and it has a balance plate with a sliding range of over 2 inches (6 cm). It also allows horizontal and vertical drag.

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Sachtler 14 tripod rental nyc

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