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Telex PL system rental nyc

Telex BTR-800 2-Channel UHF Base Station

The Telex BTR-800 is a 2-channel, frequency-agile UHF wireless intercom Base Station, with channel access from each of four full-duplex beltpacks, stage announce output with relay closure, wireless talk around (ISO), the patented Enhanced ClearScan channel search feature, and a talk/listen headset station at the base.
The BTR-800 features a transparent graphical user interface and a backlit display, with advanced technology functions such as combination tone code/RF noise squelch and DSP digital audio processing.

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This unit has an A4M Telex headset jack and works on A2: 518-536MHz Transmit/632-650MHz Receive frequencies.

Telex TR-825 2-Channel Binaural UHF Transceiver

The Telex TR-825 2-Channel Binaural UHF Transceiver (A4M Telex, E88: 590-608MHz Receive/470-488MHz Transmit) is a 2-channel, binaural UHF frequency-agile wireless beltpack for use with the BTR-800. The unit features a durable met-cast magnesium case, an LCD based graphical user interface, and stage announce activation.
The TR-825 is designed with several advanced technology functions, including wireless talk around (ISO) activation, the patented Enhanced ClearScan channel search, detachable antennas and an auto-sensing headset connector that automatically switches between electret and dynamic headset mics.

Beyerdynamic DT 108

The DT 108 is used throughout the world for news gathering, film, TV production and live events.  
The headphones are exceptionally comfortable with a soft headband and ear pads. A high level of ambient noise attenuation is achieved with the closed design of the ear cups. Rugged construction ensures reliability for many years of use. All models are available in grey or black.  

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