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Lectrosonics MM400C UHF Waterproof Transmitter  rental nyc

Lectrosonics MM400C UHF Waterproof Transmitter & M152 Mic

The Lectrosonics MM400C improves on the original M400 by incorporating a waterproof On/Off/Mute reed switch and non-detachable antenna. The switch is removable to avoid accidental switching caused by the talent.

The MM400C transmitter is a UHF body-pack transmitter for use with the UCR411 receiver. The transmitter's compact watertight design makes it suitable for use in heavy rain and humidity. A machined finish provides a non-corrosive housing, preventing rust and oxidation. The transmitter features 256 user selectable UHF frequencies and digital hybrid signal transmission for optimum range while minimizing noise. Incoming audio signal is digitized at 24-bit resolution, eliminating the noise and artifacts associated with analog compandors. The result is greater range with minimal noise.

212.333.5100 |

212.333.5100 |

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