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Vocas Follow Focus MFC-1 rental nyc

Vocas Follow Focus MFC-1

The Vocas Universal MFC-1 Kit is a package that includes the individual MFC-1 Manual Focus Controller, the Flexible Gear Ring, and Drive Gear modules.

You can control the focus with more precision via the Manual Focus Controller MFC-1 follow focus system. Constructed from machined aluminum, the MFC-1 is suitable for the most demanding situations. You can directly attach the Manual Focus Controller MFC-1 to a 15mm lightweight support via the quick-lock clamper.

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With a 3-step rotation stop that can be enabled or disabled as per the situation, the follow focus system allows you to achieve a hard stop while rotating the focus knob of DV cameras with an indefinite rotating focus ring. Offering 3 options, "Free rotations", "Full rotation with a stop", and "Half a rotation", the manual focus controller provides a wide degree of freedom and precision necessary for accurate focus control. A professional set of features and precise focus control render the MFC-1 suitable for DV as well as high-end cameras.

You can use the Flexible Gear Ring for all cylindrical focus barrels having an outside diameter between 40mm and 100mm. With a tooth size of M0.8, the flexible gear ring supports the drive gear with a similar tooth size. Also included is a free spare flexible rack.

With 46 teeth and a tooth size of M0.8, the Drive Gear compatible with the Flexible Gear Ring, attaches to the follow focus system.

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