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Angenieux EZ-2 15 to 40mm Cinema Lens
(Super35 and Full-Frame)

The EZ-2 15-40mm Cinema Lens Pack from Angenieux includes the PL mount version of the 15 to 40mm EZ-2 zoom lens with both the Super35 and full-frame / VistaVision rear lens-groups. The lens is fast, T2.0 in Super35 and T3.0 in
full-frame/VistaVision. Swapping between the rear lens groups doesn't
affect the physical length of the lens, minimum focus distance, or 2.7x zoom
ratio. However, the full-frame rear lens group does change the lens from a
15 to 40mm zoom that covers Super35 to a 22 to 60mm zoom that covers
the full-frame/VistaVision aperture.

The lens itself has 3 manual lens control rings: focus, iris, and zoom. Each ring features cine-style 0.8 MOD gear teeth, for compatibility with followfocus units and lens control motors. The 114mm front diameter allows youto work with a wide variety of rod supported matte boxes.

Angenieux EZ 2 Lens
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